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I AM that man!!

What makes a man, who has retired early, decide to take up a profession where you are constantly battered by a high pressure spray of water, dirt, rocks, grit and sh*t...who can tell who would want to do that??

Well I can tell you now...I AM that man!! Before I retired, nearly 2 years ago, after spending many years in front of a computer, paper, pens & Tipp-Ex quoting for engineering components for varied industries, from welded fabrications and widgets to Formula 1 engine components and aerospace tooling, I did dream of leaving my desk and PC behind and venturing out into the great outdoors. I considered agriculture, forestry, gardening and being a maintenance man amongst a few others. One of the few others was pressure washer cleaning. Nothing is more satisfying than washing away years of grime and dirt to reveal the beauty that lies beneath...tarmac!! Or beautifully laid concrete or Sandstone slabs or the engineered wonder of block paving. Seeing the transformation is truly satisfying, making what would seem a mundane feature of a home come back to life.

I love my new venture and want to share the beauty of what lies beneath peoples feet!!

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