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Spring is Springing into need me to help!!

Spring is officially with us now, not that you'd know it. It's been a particularly long cold, wet winter. Not the mild ones we get used to in the UK!! With all this wet and dark days our driveways and patios have taken a real bashing and will be in need of some TLC. We're all going to start getting outside more and will need nice clean spaces to be. That's where I come in...

Pressure washing with or without chemicals is the best way to clean the green algae, the dirt and grime quickly and efficiently with powerful water jets. All patios, driveways, paths etc are different. |Different stone, finish, colour and they all contribute to clinging onto the grime and there's nothing you can do to prevent it totally. Algae and moss can be held back at bay using chemicals after pressure washing but inevitably it will need cleaning again.

Call me, email me, message me and I can get those pesky places squeaky clean again.

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